You only speak about rights when your right is right — Oko-Boye to Gays Rights Activists


Former Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku Bernard Oko-Boye has joined the ongoing debate over the anti-gay bill saying “you only speak about Rights when your Right is right.”

Speaking to Johnny Hughes ON TV3’s New Day Wednesday, Dr. Oko-Boye explained that every country’s laws is a reflection of their beliefs, norms, history and culture. “It’s these things that come together to form the laws of a country.”null

He continued, “So when you go to Afghanistan, women wear the veil, when a CNN reporter leaves America and they step in Afghanistan, even before Taliban comes, you see them wearing the hijab, you don’t say that it’s my right, we’ve formed an association to allow us to show our face because that’s how we feel. They quietly wear the hijab, that hijab flows from the belief of the Afghanistan state.

“…A reporter from UK who steps in Pakistan, a lady will cover her face. She doesn’t start a crusade to say that lets change it. If you are in Morocco, you are a politician and you go and say that people should be allowed to drink alcohol publicly, the next day you are out of office, you dare not because you know the belief system of your people.”

According to him, he wonders why persons kicking against the bill are not fighting for the rights of marijuana smokers since it has been legalized elsewhere.

“The point am making is that this Bill is only coming to reflect our belief system as a country, we are not saying go and hate or kill the one doing those acts,” he stressed.

James Appiakorang

James Appiakorang

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